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Superior Clinical Performance.*
Lower X-Ray Exposure.
Improved Comfort.

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New UPENN Clinical Study: 3D Mammograms' Superior Performance is Maintained at a Dose Comparable to 2D1


Recall rate1


Invasive cancers per thousand1


Cancers per recall (PPV1)1


Cancers per biopsy (PPV3)1

About Hologic’s Low Dose 3D Mammogram Powered by C-View Software

Advancing breast tomosynthesis

The Benefits

Hologic’s Low Dose 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exam powered by C-View™ software is proven clinically to increase invasive cancer detection2-6 and decrease recall rates,2,4,5,7,8 compared with 2D alone, just like our original 3D Mammogram. C-View software progresses early breast cancer detection further by generating a 2D image directly from the tomosynthesis data, lowering patient radiation dose and compression time, with the added benefit of greater patient comfort.

The Difference

The C-View 2D image is the world’s first and only synthesized 2D image that is FDA approved to replace FFDM within a combined tomosynthesis screening exam. C–View software’s 2D image is designed to be different. Our advanced algorithm takes high-quality tomosynthesis data and instantly generates 2D images designed to enhance details such as bright spots and linear structures while minimizing tissue overlap. This helps to guide and expedite the tomosynthesis exam review. With any new imaging change, training is critical. Several educational options are available to help you become experienced or acquainted with this unique Low Dose 3D™ Mammogram.

The Evidence

Additionally, the body of clinical evidence on this Low Dose 3D™ Mammogram is growing, demonstrating similar results to the use of Hologic’s traditional 3D Mammogram (Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) 2D+Tomosynthesis). Review the evidence in the Resources section.

Hologic Low Dose 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ Exam with C-View™ Software: What to expect.

Now Hologic tomosynthesis benefits are available in a lower dose, faster and more comfortable exam.

Clinical Experiences with C-View™ Software

Hear from leading radiologists about their implementation experiences and practical tips on using the Low Dose 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ Exam with C-View™ software.

Multiple studies show comparable
performance to 3D Mammograms.

Similar Performance to FFDM 2D+ Tomosynthesis1-4

Improved rate of cancers per biopsy2,5,8

Increased invasive cancer detection2-6

Superior diagnostic accuracy2,4,5,6,9,10

Reduction in recall rates2,5,8

Fast, 3.7 second scan time, minimizes compression time and increases patient comfort

Consistently higher rate of cancers per recall2,5,8

Low patient dose that's comparable to conventional 2D exams and well below the safe level set by the FDA2,3,7

PPV: Positive Predictive Value

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